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  • How can I book a wedding?
    Thank you for your interest in working with us. Click here to schedule a consultation.
  • I've lost my original birth certificate - is a duplicate, certified copy from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages sufficient?"
    Yes, once it is indeed a certified copy.
  • For how long should a lawyer/attorney, JP or Notary Public know the individuals to be able to attest to single status?"
    There is no given time-frame – however, the necessary legal documentation must be provided.
  • How long does it take to have the Marriage Certificate issued?
    It usually takes approximately two working days after it has been applied for.
  • Where do I obtain a Sworn Affidavit confirming my single status?
    From a lawyer, JP or Notary Public located in your place of residence. The document must be certified, with an official stamp or seal and a signature from the issuing office.
  • How will I get my marriage certificate if I leave within 2 days?
    Prior arrangements can be made with your Hangers wedding coordinator where they will collect and then mail off (preferably via registered mail or courier) the certificate on your behalf to a given address. (all costs to be borne by the couple).
  • What Documentation is required for BOTH the bride and groom?
    Marriage license application form (this will be provided and completed by your Hangers wedding co-ordinator once you are on island). Passports, which must be valid and state issued. Original Birth Certificates. Certificate of single status or non-marriage: An Affidavit (or letter only from a Lawyer/Attorney, Justice of the Peace (JP) or Notary Public) must be written by the bride/groom and then certified by one of the above with applicable notarization stamps, seals, etc., attesting that the bride/groom has never been married before. This document is not required if you are divorced or widowed. If divorced, then all pages of all court certified final divorce decrees (Decree Absolute) for each divorced party must be provided. If the divorce document is in a foreign language then it MUST be translated into English, certified by an official translator, and both language copies submitted. If widowed, then the state issued death certificate of the deceased spouse, with the related marriage certificates must be provided. Legal name change or legal adoption documents must be provided, if applicable. If under the age of 21, written parental consent by way of an Affidavit from a Lawyer or Notary Public. Couples MUST hand carry ALL original state issued and/or court certified documents with raised/embossed seals & stamps and with Judge or Court Clerk’s original ink signature. If this is not done it will negatively affect the approval of your marriage license application and may result in the postponement of your wedding. Documents must be presented to the different government ministries/offices personally. This should take no more than two hours. If for any reason both parties cannot do so, then ideally the groom should be present. He will have to sign a document in front of the clerk to complete the marriage license application. Instructions for required documentation: (**due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and relevant quarantine stay requirements for Destination couples, the below license application timelines will differ) If applicable, obtain a certificate of non-marriage for each of the parties in their country of residence. This consists of a letter certified by a lawyer/attorney, JP or Notary Public attesting to the fact that the parties have never been married before. If either party is divorced, the original of the final divorce decree document must be presented. If a minor is a party to the marriage (under 21 years of age) a special form must be obtained from the Office of the Prime Minister, signed by the parties’ parents and certified by a Notary Public. All documents must be presented in English. If they are in another language, they should be translated to English and certified by a Notary Public. Original Passports and birth certificates of both parties must be presented. Update: Applicants no longer have to endure the 3-day residency period. They can now apply as soon as on their day of arrival, or the day after they arrive once it is on a weekday and before the office closes at 3pm. For an Express Marriage License, it can be applied for and received within 1 business day. All original documents must be presented to the Registrar’s Office in the Ministry of Health. Strict dress code must be adhered to when visiting Government offices. The total time required to obtain a regular marriage license is normally 3 business days. There is no requirement for a blood or other medical tests.
  • How will you communicate with us ?
    Our initial consultation is conducted over zoom! During the planning process, we will mainly communicate via email and google meets. We do communicate by WhatsApp messages for emergencies and immediate urgent questions .
  • What are your office hours ?
    Our planning team is regularly available Monday thru Friday, from 9am – 5pm, and on Saturday and Sundays by appointment as the weekend is usually when the planning team is working on-site at the event location. We are flexible to find a time that will work for both of our schedules, so, when necessary, we can schedule calls or meetings in off-office hours.
  • Who will be my contact
    Each couple is assigned to one of our planners, that planner will be the main planner to the couple and the contact person. Your wedding planner will work closely with you to plan, organize, and supervise each element of the wedding.
  • How many wedding planners will attend the day of my wedding ?
    Each couple is assigned to a Main Wedding Planner with guidance from the lead planner and Principal planner.
  • Will you assist with accommodation and fun activities for our guest ?
    Definitely!!! Listed in our destination package we will guide you with the most appropriate recommendations on the hotels or villas that will be the best fit for your guests and we will plan every single activity for your wedding weekend. The Welcome Event, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Day, Farewell Brunch, Sunset Cruise, Private Yacht, etc.…
  • What is the payment for you wedding planning services
    Payment could be placed through a credit card: Visa and Master Card are accepted. Wire transfers are also available or you can come by our office located in Tempe to pay in cash.
  • Do we need to research and find vendors ourselves ?
    No! The main reason of hiring a wedding planner is to avoid all the stress of the research and to have someone that has already built a relationship with local vendors. We will look for different options of vendors, we will find the best fit for your needs and we will always be in constant communication ensuring their performance is impeccable on your wedding day.
  • How are vendor payments handled ?
    Our Wedding Planners at Hangers will take all payments from the wedding couple and then distribute it to your vendor team, to make it easier for you and to ensure the planning process goes smoothly. Hangers will prepare a payment report, including all deposits and payments required, listing the due dates. All final balances are due 30 days before the wedding date.
  • Can I visit Grenada before my wedding weekend ?
    Yes absolutely!!! We encourage our wedding couples to at least come to Grenada once during the planning process, we call these planning visits: site inspections. When you hire Hangers, the site inspections are part of our planning services. Couples regularly come twice during the planning, the first time to select the wedding venue and the second to do all the fun stuff such as: menu tasting, cake tasting, showroom visit, vendors meeting, etc… Of course, your wedding planner will organize and set each appointment during your trip!
  • How can I book a picnic?
    Thank you for your interest. Click here to book a picnic or here for floating basket (delivery option).
  • What is the cost of your Wedding Décor?
    Our décor prices are based on clients budget/concept, guest count and venue. Click here to book a consultation.
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