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3 Things That Make Your Destination Wedding Perfect

If you’ve always dreamt of flying off to a far-off place to marry the love of your life, then a destination wedding might be a great option as you start to plan your ceremony and reception.

You can escape from locations you’re used to and start a new, married life in a new place. It’s a wonderful experience for you and your guests.

Here are three things that make a destination wedding perfect.

1. A Beautiful Location

A marriage can take place anywhere, but the moment you say “I do” can feel truly magical when the location is just right.

Couples who decide on a destination wedding are often drawn to the places and spaces. Maybe there is a special memory or heritage related to a distant city. Maybe there’s a love for travel and exploration.

And maybe it’s about the way the location feels. At Hangers Weddings and Events, we work with couples who are drawn to the island of Grenada

, nestled in the tropical Carribean where warm sand, cool water, and a sunny sky complement their celebration and vows.

If you’re ready to make the stop to plan a destination wedding, don’t settle for just anywhere. With the entire world available for your choosing, find a beautiful place for one of your most beautiful moments.

2. An On-Site Destination Wedding Coordinator

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding day in a far away location, a destination wedding coordinator is a must.

Getting married on the beach a thousand miles from home sounds like a lot of fun, but there are hundreds of things to check off of a to-do list in order to get to that moment.

Don’t do it all yourself. Ask for help from someone who knows the local vendors and area, and who can coordinate and organize your ceremony and reception.

Whether you want to feel like you’ve escaped to a whole new world, or find comfort with reminders of home in a distant location, the magic is in the details. It’s not just flowers and music and food; when it’s all put together with nuance and your personal flair, your destination wedding becomes truly special.

It’s your destination wedding coordinator who helps make this dream come true.

3. People You Love

You might want to escape alone with your partner for an intimate wedding ceremony. Many other couples choose to invite family and friends to escape and celebrate with them.

When you choose a destination wedding, your loved ones can have an unforgettable vacation experience. Just make sure it’s memorable for all the right reasons! Don’t forget about the time and comfort of your guests.

It may take a little extra planning to make sure the people you love can be with you, but it’s worth it. The right location and the right destination wedding planner make all the difference in how you can best provide for your friends and family.

Learn more about how we can help plan your dream destination wedding at

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