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Out with the old, in with the new !

Hangers Weddings and Events was founded in February 2017 by our principle Event Planner Khaleen Johnson. In her words she chose the name 'Hangers' because she wanted to represent the two services that we provide weddings hence the original symbol of the planner holding a wedding dress on a hanger , and events representing to socialize and hang with friends and family. After two tremendous years of business, we've decided to redesign our band image to represent but not loose the essence of what we stand for.

The new company logo-design is a true representation of the companies culture, creativity, and professional service we provide to our clients. The font used for the name script of the logo speaks of the creativity we execute per event, promoting the ideal environment for celebration and fun. The concept of the hanger was preserved from the original logo, and the symbol of the star was added to the main company icon to symbolize that we execute celebrations of any kind. We retained our original shades of pink to depict the extra glamour that we add to every event.

The team is in love with their new image and we hope that you are too.

Tell us what you think, we'll love to hear your feedback !

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