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Congratulations Mr & Mrs Langaigne

These two love birds tied the knot on the tropical island of Grenada in true splendor. Both personalities were showcased on their wedding day without an ounce of uncertainty or fear. Hangers Weddings and Eve

nts was honored to execute their dream wedding the only way they know best, through sophistication, poise and skills. The Couples theme, Diamond Glitz was incorporated with the colors purple and yellow with a touch of silver . We used large diamond accents on the guest table enclosed by glass slippers, the roof was highlighted with hanging lanterns and the walls were draped with organza fabric. The personal favorite on the day by the guest was non other than the candy buffet, which caught the attention of both the young and the old. The atmosphere was gloomy yet vibrant, and the guest were truly intrigued by the couples love. Thank you Andy Johnson for sharing some of their magnificent pictures.

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