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Creating The Best Possible Reception Floor Plan

Where Will You Sit?

As the happy couple, you have the privilege of being the center of attention at your reception -- literally. You may not spend a lot of time sitting down, but when you do, your friends, family, and loved ones will want to see your first moments as a couple unfold.

When you aren’t seated, you’ll probably be dancing or mingling, so a central location is beneficial for you, too. You can be close to the dance floor and have easy access to wander to your guest’s tables.

Finally, when thinking about your placement at the reception, consider if you want a couple’s table or a king’s table. A couple’s table is intimate and no one will feel left out if they aren’t seated with you, but a king’s table makes sure you’re close to your wedding party during the reception.

It’s Not Just Guest Tables

Along with the placement of the table where you will sit, and before you think about guest tables, you’ll need to consider where other tables or areas should be.

Consider the bar, the dance table, your cake table, gift table, any food or dessert displays, the seating chart table, your guest book, and other fun places, like a photo booth, table for the wedding favors (if they aren’t at guest tables), and any other displays you might want.

You might be able to arrange for some of the tables to be at the entrance to the reception space instead of inside, to free up room and offer ease of access.

Another consideration might be tables on platforms. A great idea would be to elevate the cake table so everyone can admire it, and see you when you eat the first slice.

Who Needs Preferential Seating?

Once the major elements of the reception space are in place, it’s time to work on the guest table assignments. This might feel like a puzzle, but with some careful thinking it doesn’t have to be too difficult or time consuming.

First, make sure to wait to assign tables until you have your RSVPs, or you might find yourself starting over. Next, think about who needs preferential seating. Family should usually be closest to you, but there are other considerations, too, like keeping older guests further away from the speakers.

The final steps of assigning tables should fit together fairly easily after these major considerations are out of the way. And don’t be afraid to mix people who’ve never met!

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