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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Caterer

Steak or fish? Passed hors d'oeuvres? Dessert display?

It may seem like there are endless possibilities when it comes to how you’ll provide food for your guests. Our experts at Hangers Weddings and Events have some tips to make sure the caterer you choose is well worth it.

Consider Your Guests' Experience

You may have already heard this, and that’s because it’s true: you and your partner won’t get much time to spend just sitting and eating the food at your cocktail hour and reception. So while it’s important to pick a caterer who you like, you should also keep your guests in mind.

Aim to provide enough of the right types of foods to keep your guests full and happy.

For example, if you’ve planned an outdoor wedding in the middle of the hot, humid summer, you might want to avoid a caterer who only specializes in rich, hot dishes. If your reception will only be a couple of hours, you probably don’t want a caterer who wants to spend two of those hours providing a six course dinner. In contrast, if you have a long day planned for your guests, find a caterer who can provide more than just some light snacks.

Communicate Your Budget and Style

There is no “typical” wedding, so don’t be afraid to find a caterer who can offer something more creative, or more budget-friendly, than a typical seated dinner. Buffets, or even several food displays with a lot of passed hors d'oeuvres, can keep your guests full and provide a more interactive experience.

Did you meet at a baseball game? Maybe mini hotdogs could be part of the menu. Movie enthusiasts? Ask about a popcorn bar.

And don’t just ask potential caterers for sample menus. Make sure to try the food. Not only is this a fun experience for you and your future partner, but also you’ll get an idea of the quality of food a caterer will provide.

Ask About the Details

Make sure to consider your venue when choosing a caterer. Will the caterer bring tables and dishes, their own staff, and prepare the food offsite? Or does the venue provide a kitchen and other essentials?

There could be a range of products and services a caterer can offer for your wedding celebration. Will they serve alcohol along with the food? Can they make meals for your photographer and musicians? How about options for children or guests with allergies and dietary restrictions?

A thoughtful caterer might also be willing to put together a special plate for you and your partner to enjoy, so you get a little taste of everything in the short amount of time you’ll have to actually sit down and eat.

There are a lot of elements that go into finding the perfect wedding caterer. Consider using a wedding and event specialist to help.

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