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Surprise !!!

The hangers team is all about adventure and surprises, so when one of our clients contacted us about creating an outdoor activity while incorporating a dinner lunch to surprise his wife for her birthday, we were over the moon and excited to execute.

The couple started the day off by hiking to the Honeymoon Water fall in Grand Etang Grenada accompanied by their excursionist from Grenada High Wire. During this time, his wife was unaware of the beautiful setting that was going to happen. The 30 mins hike gave the team enough time to set up a table setting for two near the scenic, untouched seven sisters waterfall. To add a bigger element of surprise, we outsourced one of Grenada's finest personal chef; Kreative Chef who happened to be the clients favourite. They both dined away as the chef created their three course meals on the spot, by the waterfall with nothing but tranquil air, cool breeze and the sound of falling water. It was a no cellphone zone, intimate, romantic lunch with just the two of them enjoying each others company.

The clients of course, smiled ear to ear during the entire experience having lived such a romantic setting.

Head over to their portfolio to see a few more of their images.

Lunch at seven sisters Waterfall

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