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Top 10 First Dance Songs for 2016

Choosing the song for your first dance may seem easy at first for some couples, but overtime it has proven to be one of the toughest decisions a couple has to make. The chosen track or tracks, needs to be a song that represents your partner and yourself as a newly married couple and chosen by YOU, not the DJ. It should be one that you can reminisce on without regret for years to come and not seasonal which may result in much regret. After all , it is your first dance as newlyweds and you would want to choose a song that can be remembered for a lifetime. Music is a major part of any wedding, plus

it isn’t much of a party without it. (tip: don’t pick one that is currently top ten on the radio as you will likely be sick of it by the time your wedding roles around). DJ’s can help relieve some stress in the planning process by creating a playlist with many songs for your special evening.

Here's a list of our top 10 first dance songs for 2016 !!!

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